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LIBRARY Published On: 15 Oct, 2020

  `BOOKS ARE UNIQUELY PORTABLE MAGIC` -STEPHEN KING- Assalamualaikum. ‘ISSUES IN ISLAMIC ACCOUNTING’ is one of the collection of books in our...


Published On: 28 Oct, 2020

      "Sesungguhnya orang yang paling dekat denganku pada hari kiamat adalah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadaku"- Al-Nasai & Ibnu Hibban.   Salam Maulidur Rasul 1442H    

Programmes By IIC

Multi Religous Forum

A platform for discussion among experts from different Faith Based Organisations on current issues and concern.

IIC Cares

A series of activities that focus on 5 areas (Environment, Peace, Family, Children and Youth). This programme is in partnership with other Faith Based Organisations.

Sarawak Islamic Creative & Innovation

An annual festival that portrays Islamic arts, music, crafts, architecture, inventions and other creative and innovative Islamic expressions.


An interactive platform for the public especially people of other faiths or the non-Muslims to ask questions, seek clarifications, gather information and gain insights into the teachings of Islam.


A knowledge sharing based programme by sharing the content of books from the digital library. Library members are able to discuss; share the content of books that include discussion on surah in the Quran. The objective is in line with IIC's main principle of al-Iqra', the first revelation of Quran, where information and knowledge is the backbone of wisdom.

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