CEO’s Message


Salam and greetings!

How time flies….and we are now 7. It is indeed a bittersweet moment – a departure from being young and innocent to being a little bit wiser, a little bit prepared to fly higher. Insya-Allah.

Communicating information and knowledge about Islam; whilst building bridges with people of various faiths and cultural traditions, was and still is the central role of our Centre.Since we started in 2008, till July this year, we have organised 265 programs benefitting a total of 38,735 people from all segment of society. The programmes and activities are current and relevant, specific and general taking into consideration the needs and interest of the populace while being true to our objectives and principles. Of course, more need to be done.

Being 7 allows us to be a bit bolder as can be seen in our site which is given a fresh look and an enhanced interactivity. Spare some time to browse through and share with us your thoughts and wisdom especially in areas that you are passionate about, that you wish our Centre could look into. Insya-Allah.We hope that our presence and our contributions towards Sarawak and her peoples will help shape her character, her values and ultimately be considered as good deeds in our Creator’s book.


Thank you again for all your support, your kind words and your wishes.


May ALLAH bless us all and bless this beautiful country of ours.


Chief Executive Officer