About IIC


How We Started

The Islamic Information Centre was established on 17 August 2008 which is to promote and communicate the universality of Islam so as to create a better understanding and an enhanced appreciation of Islam among the multi-ethnic & multi-religious populace of Sarawak. The unique architecture of the Centre, featuring a combination of the various ethnic identities, focuses the basis of the true Islamic universality, with no distinction between racial and cultural differences.

Our Uniqueness

The Centre comprises buildings that depict the confluence of cultures and draws upon the fundamental qualities of peoples in the state of Sarawak. The Bidayuh Baruk – a warriors’ venue for meetings and functions; Melanau Tall House – displays strength, security and courage; Malay Roof – shows beauty, elegance and harmony; Iban Longhouse – illustrates a communal yet adventurous life; Orang Ulu Roof – portrays an intricate, meticulous and a captivating living experience; Chinese Palace- inspired Roof – demonstrates the spirit of entrepreneurship, diligence and prosperity and the Nurani Atrium – where all those qualities converge to form one uniting entity.  The Centre organises programmes and activities on currents issues and concerns that promote a better understanding and an enhanced appreciation among the various religious organisations in the state of Sarawak.  The Centre prides itself in being the only place where the Friday sermons are conducetd in English and occasionally in Mandarin and other local Sarawak dialects.