IIC invites ‘friends’ to breaking of fast

KUCHING: The Islamic Information Centre (IIC) held breaking of fast with friends from other faiths as well as community organisations and Islamic NGOs on last Tuesday.

State Islamic Council (Mais) President Datu Putit Matzen was also present as the guest of honor.

The centre has been organising the event since 2009 in its efforts to foster goodwill, strengthen relations and enhance understanding among the multi-ethnic and multi-religious populace of Sarawak especially in this blessed month of Ramadan.

The Centre believes that it is through such events that the spirit of giving and sharing, mutual understanding and enhanced appreciation of each other could be nurtured and strengthened.

This is especially true for Sarawak with its myriad of colors, cultures and faith traditions.

As is the practice of the centre, the “Buka Puasa” or breaking of fast will start off with a sharing session on “Fasting in Islam”.

The informal and yet informative sharing is a refresher for not only the Muslim themselves but also an avenue for members of other faiths to be enlightened on the significance of fasting in Islam.


Source: New Sarawak Tribune