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  About Us

When the new Islamic Information Centre in Kuching opens its doors to the publicon 17th August 2008, it will be creating a number of firsts in the history of the state of Sarawak!

The unique architecture of the Centre, featuring a combination of the various ethnic identities, will be the first physical confluence of ethnic designs and matrices – underlying a bedrock of the true Islamic universality, with no distinction between racial and cultural differences or territorial isolation and parochial sentiments. 

It will also be the first in opening its doors to other faiths to foster a better understanding and appreciation of each other's belief systems.  

Foremost though will be that the Centre aims to be an internationally recognised Centre of Excellence in communicating, educating, disseminating, learning, sharing and acquiring information and knowledge on and about Islam. This is to contribute towards K-society and to correct Islamophobia, bringing the Islamic faith to greater civilisational dimensions in line with the changing lifestyle of modern societies around the world where Islam is a global religion.

Sited at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee in Kuching City, the Centre will also play a role as a depository for data and information on Islam while at the same time acts as a virtual library for the global community. It is going to be an outward looking centre; it will forge partnerships with other organisations within the state, nation as well as regionally and internationally so as to strengthen its position as a catalyst for knowledge and learning.  These key principles of the Centre are pertinent in fostering better understanding among peoples of all religions around the world while providing a better understanding of Islam.

In its efforts to engage in current issues and concerns at both national, regional and international levels, the Centre will be an information provider and contribute positively towards achieving greater understanding and resolving of misconceptions and bias statement that brings negativity and ill feelings in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society like Sarawak.  To achieve these objectives, the Centre will as much as possible utilise information technology and the new media to reach out to the younger and more IT-savvy audience within and outside the nation.

It is expected that these challenges will become more critical in time to come as more and more people seek information through the alternative media and web-based channel. With these innovative and virtual action plans, the Centre expects to become an important avenue to share and explore knowledge and know-hows leading to a better world for everyone regardless of religious beliefs and origins.


Our Vision

Islamic Information Centre shall be a reputable Islamic institution that advances the ideals, principles, values and universality of Islam.

Our Mission

Islamic Information Centre provides a platform to expand a deeper understanding of Islam through multi-faceted programs, communal interactions and collaborative undertakings. 

Our Objectives 

We shall embark on programs and activities that promote a greater understanding of Islamic ideals, principles and values that transcend all cultures and languages of human on earth. 

We shall provide a platform for Muslim intellectuals and professionals to discuss, deliberate and explore issues and concerns that impact the Muslim community.

We shall set up an avenue for the practices and applications of waqf among the Muslim community.

We shall facilitate the assimilation of new Muslims into the larger Muslim community.

We shall be engaged in strategic partnerships with other institutions, Islamic NGOs and knowledge centres at the state, national and global level.

We shall explore the creative and inventive Islamic expressions through art and other endeavours. 

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